Wednesday, July 03, 2002

As you may know, government in the great state of Tennessee has come to a grinding halt due to an impasse over the state budget. Around 9:00 this evening, I drove home from work past the Tennessee state capitol. There were a fair number of people protesting and waving signs on both sides of the issue, but it wasn't exactly an out-of-control riot scene. I continued home, and about an hour later turned on the 10:00 news. They're doing live shots from in front of the capitol, and there are people coming out of the woodwork, cars stopped blocking the street, and plenty of other assorted mayhem.

Sort of makes you wonder if a lot of people are showing up just in time to protest their way onto the evening news. (I'm not the only one with this idea -- Danielle over at Missives Anonymous hatched a plot to head over there with signs promoting the band she works for! )

Oh, and as she very accurately points out, it's hot here!