Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Getting colder...

Frost on a leaf, Nashville, TN Nov. 25, 2003

I'm not always up early in the morning to shoot this sort of thing, but I once again worked all night at the office. That's not good, but at least I got to appreciate a perfect fall morning.

Well, I thought it was perfect. Some people don't agree!)

Monday, November 24, 2003

Domain of the Day


Seen on Monster.com

Wonder if I can get a leave of absence from work -- I just found my meal ticket for a month in Ireland!
IE-Dublin-Father Christmas & Elves
Status: Full Time, Part Time, Temporary/Contract/Project

Unique Entertainment are looking for persons interested in working for them on a part-time basis throughout late November and December 2003.

We require persons to fill the following roles:

  • Father Christmas
  • Elves
Please send brief CV, including a passport photograph, details of your availability during November and December and the roles you are interested in to...