Sunday, January 29, 2006

Words to live by

A close friend and her family recently became involved in a tragedy on a scale that most of us thankfully never have to deal with. We've all been very concerned, but they seem to be holding up remarkably well considering. She recently wrote an e-mail that included the following, which I plan to post on my refrigerator as soon as I figure out where the box with the magnets went:

this is also a reminder to me that life needs to be lived to the fullest. that each day is a gift - not to be taken for granted. and i am trying to remind myself that. never hang up mad. never leave without a hug. those are my cardinal rules. never regret. everything is an experience to be learned from - and this is what i'm taking....

man. i almost went up to a total stranger on the train the other day and told him he was cute.


My thoughts are with her, her family, and the others who have suddenly been asked to deal with the unthinkable.


Sorry for being so scarce. My life has changed radically almost overnight, and I'd like nothing better than to chronicle it all here. But I'm still waiting on Comcast for my Internet hookup. My main net access at home is coming through my cell phone, which isn't conducive to writing your life story.

I do now have an actual desk, phone, computer, etc. at my new job. But I haven't had much time to blog there.

So, anyway, there is much to say, and I'll try to catch you up once my apartment gets plugged back into the matrix.

I will say one thing now: I've seen more snow in the last week than I'd seen in years in Nashville.