Sunday, February 02, 2003


Just had a possum sitting on the window ledge right outside my bedroom window. Oblivious to the whole thing, the cat was sitting on the sill of the next window over. Eventually she noticed the possum and started meowing and pawing at the window. The possum didn't exactly seem to be intimidated -- he yawned twice and sat there for a while before eventually climbing down the bush and sauntering off. (This is East Nashville , after all. A possum's gotta maintain his tough-guy image if he's gonna make it on the street.)

I snapped some pictures, but I don't know if they'll turn out. And still being digitally impaired, I won't know until I finish the roll and take it to be developed. That's just how old-school we are here at Newton's Kumquat. (I have my eye on a Canon Powershot S45, though, so maybe I'll get with the digital program soon.)

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