Saturday, February 15, 2003

There's a guy named George who works the register late Saturday night at Kroger. He does a running commentary under his breath as he scans your groceries. "Ahh. Radishes... No, Spinach! Spinach is good. I love wild spinach. That's good stuff... We close in 15 minutes, you know. Some stores are open 24 hours. But not us. No. We close at 11:00 sharp. People don't know that. There's just two of us here now. Course some people have their day off. Not me, I already had my time off. Now I've got to make up for it. John Grisham book. He's a good writer. I've read his stuff. The Pelican Brief. Exciting. Better put the pizza in its own bag. Soda pop! Put those over here, yup."

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