Saturday, March 22, 2003

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled war for a brief rant...

DISSENT Protects Democracy Today's paper contained this little gem from a story about a war protest in Nashville:

About three dozen people held and waved signs at motorists to oppose this week's allied attack on Iraq. The effort mirrored other protests around the nation in cities such as Atlanta, Chicago, Washington and Los Angeles.

The crowd faced some angry drivers stopping to criticize their war protests. While some supporters honked and flashed peace signs, others veered toward the curb where the protesters stood or made obscene gestures.


Across the street from the peace demonstrators, three employees from nearby Advantage Business Solutions used their lunch break to spread their own message. Their sign, scrawled on a cushioned business envelope, said ''Protestor equals terrorist.''

I am fed up with people who contend that those opposed to the war are unpatriotic, terrorists, or any of the other epithets that have been hurled. Speaking one's mind is a a right guaranteed to all Americans, and whether you agree or not it is despicable to imply that dissenters don't care about this country or its people.

If you have a problem with what someone is saying, you should engage them by refuting their arguments, not by questioning their patriotism.


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