Sunday, May 11, 2003

Random visit

Jay, my college roommate, was in town for his brother's med school graduation. He was last in Nashville when a bunch of my friends came down for New Years a few years ago -- and it was snowing then! So this was his opportunity to see that Nashville actually is actually a bit different from Boston!

We met up for breakfast this morning at Bongo Java. (They have catered breakfast on Sundays with yummy caramel apple french toast.) Then we drove around downtown a bit and headed over to Bicentennial Mall, which is one of my favorite places in Nashville. We hung out there for a while, walking around the fountains, farmers market, etc. We even got yelled at by the park ranger for climbing on the rocks. Then I took him to the airport, and now I'm back at Bongo supposedly working on my final exam that's due tonight. Although at the moment I guess I'm not technically working on it. But when I'm done with this blog entry I'm going to be crazy productive. Yeah, that's it!

Bathroom at Bongo Java Roasting Company
The bathroom at Bongo Java -- there's actually a lot more you can't see in this picture. This really has nothing to do with the visit except that I happened to have my camera with me.
Jay acting like a tourist at Bicentennial Mall
Jay being a tourist at Bicentennial Mall.
River fountains at Bicentennial Mall
Nifty bouncy river fountains at Bicentennial Mall.

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