Saturday, March 13, 2004

senior year

Just for giggles, I've been reading over some old e-mail from my senior year in college -- which is amazingly seven years ago now. I came across this e-mail that I sent to my boss/instructor at the academic program I was working for. (She was also a pretty good friend by the time I left, so this isn't as crazy as it sounds.)
To: program coordinator
From: Me
Subject: you win: it looks like I have to fill a few credits

It looks like I may take Soling next semester - it depends on how my petitions 
turn out, but I may have to fill 3 credits. The only stipulation is that 
if I do take it, I refuse to get out of bed for class before 10:00 am. 
(the moment that happens I am out the door signing up for 
basketweaving and beer appreciation!)

Yup, that's pretty typical. I've never been a morning person! ;-)

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