Monday, March 22, 2004

Slippery when wet

This morning I slipped when getting out of the shower. As I fell to the floor, I had visions of dashing my brains out on the commode and being discovered by the neighbors months from now . Luckily that didn't happen. But I did slam my shoulder quite vigorously against the tile doorway, and slammed the back of my head hard enough on a windowsill to loosen it from the wall.

After laying on the floor and contemplating the ceiling for a minute or two, I staggered to my feet and noticed a throbbing pain whenever I moved my arm. My shoulder was definitely not a happy camper. In comparison, the head thing was virtually unnoticable.

As the day has gone on, however, the shoulder pain has mostly dissipated. But the dull ache in my head has been getting worse. ugh. Hopefully a good night's sleep will make it all better.

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