Thursday, July 29, 2004

Mixed bag:

The Good

  • saw Crater Lake, several nifty waterfalls and lots of chipmunks.

The Bad

  • accidentally got a massive speeding ticket (was busy listening to John Edwards' speech at the Democratic Convention, not paying any attention to my speed until I saw the blue lights.)

  • Despite this, pushed on to Eugene, only to find out that it is hosting the "Junior Olympics." This means that virtually every hotel room in town is full of rowdy teens. After trying 4 places (and calling others out of town,) I found one with a cancellation. My room has a stuffed dalmation in the corner. Scary.

  • Realized that I totally overbooked this trip. Something's going to have to give. Think tomorrow I'm going to head for the coast and meet up with my parents for a day or two. Not sure what after that.

  • Not really bad, but just funny: I ran into the stuck SUV people again Crater Lake. They thanked me again for pushing.

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