Monday, January 31, 2005

A big shout out... In which D- get's off his butt and actually reads what y'all are up to.

I've been almost as bad about reading other people's blogs as I have been in writing my own. So I just now came across this musing that Karen posted sometime last week. I thought it was dead on -- so did a lot of other people, apparently:
[S]ometimes I seriously feel like an imposter in my life. My nurse practioner said today that she thinks we all feel like that. That sometime around age 18 we stop really believing the things in our lives. I sometimes look around and wonder who's house I'm in, who's car I'm driving, when I even got a driver's license (I didn't get one until I was almost out of college), how I ended up married, and so on. It's surreal sometimes. I feel like yesterday I was greaduating from high school and today, I'm married, have a kid (albeit temporary), have a house, have a car (and a license to drive it!), have art, have a real job. Seriously, when did I stop "playing grown up" and become an adult? Weird.

Yeah, I'm a freak. But seriously, lots of people have told me they feel the same way. So maybe I'm not crazy (at least not about this imposter thing).

Oh yeah... While we're sending out the catchup love, here's a belated happy first birthday to that kid over at Polygon. I can honestly say I knew him when his main motor accomplishment was bonking himself in the head -- and now he's walking and stuff! Obviously good parenting at work. :-)

Continuing best wishes to Vail who is struggling with one construction nightmare after another -- which she is handling with her usual grace and aplomb.

Long overdue congratulations to J. over at the Last Page, who evidently up and eloped to Vegas while I wasn't looking!

Laura understandably laments the loss of WHFS -- a staple of high school radio that suddenly and with no warning transformed itself into a Spanish language radio station. Not that I have anything against Spanish language stations -- in fact, what with my Spanish class and all I've become a bit of a Univision addict. But HFS was a fixture, and one of the more truly local stations in the DC area. It will be missed.

And Danielle's brother is continuing to improve -- which is very good news.

Tracy's supposed to be studying -- but instead she's playing with MP3s and lusting after an iPod Shuffle. I can dig. (Her last mix CD is still frequent roation in my car, so I can state with certainty that her procrastination is more productive than mine!)

On a related note, iTunes just begin playing "Hotel California" as realized by the Raleigh Ringers handbell choir. I am very amused. And impressed, given that the handbell choir I played in years ago didn't have the chops for much classic rock! That song ended, so now I'm listening to "Flieg nicht so hoch, mein kleiner Freund" -- German language country/western at it's best.

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