Saturday, March 19, 2005

Spam as Art

There's somethingsurreal and intriguing about the nonsense text tacked on the bottom of spam to thwart filters. I assume it's probably generated through some nefarious process that misappropriates snippets of private e-mail. But I find it amusing anyway:

this site is good way to get in touch with past and present friends feel free to email me anytime s rogers -- bendix to bendix g e to g e.
oh and that little moment between ginny and luciusry ry unexpected and cool and very ood!lucius in a way so there are weasleys who can see shades of gray in the malfoys after all.
the bandits are hiding behind the tank as the train under the false order stops to take water just before she pulls out they stealthily board the train between the express car and the tender.
i had my second session the other day i was worried that my trance training would not be strong enough for a good experience.
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i really would lik e to see some male male pairings like giles wesley but as long as you keep writing i will be completely happy.
em breve esse frenesi silencioso essa placidez delirante essa força delicada que é carmita viana aparece ao público de novo depois dessa exposição no burburinho.
arghs blogger won t let me post so sorry if i didn t post it until like a day
later blame it on blogger and sorry to cherie and michelle if i couldn t post it on time.
directing actors audience expectation suspense surprise violence humor dynamic dialogue scenes static dialogue scenes group dialogue scenes tips documentaries experimental.
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as long as george w dosn t decide against rattifying it and as for his santa claus defence system well !
incorrect or incomplete address field found and ignored from nicholas webb.

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