Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Snow. Lots of it.

The good news is that I had the foresight to go out and buy a snow shovel a few weeks ago. (I had gotten rid of my old one from Syracuse years ago because Nashville never had enough snow to bother.)

The bad news is that I put it in the back of my pickup so that I'd have it handy when I needed to dig the truck out. Now the back of the truck is frozen shut and buried behind a 5-foot high snowpile.

If I had the shovel I could dig it out, but...

Got a day off from work on Sunday, which is a mixed blessing. The extra holiday was nice, but when I don't work I don't get paid! The workload and crazy schedule have been killing me, but we've reworked some of my hours and I think that will help. I'm hoping to do some catch up posting on this blog sometime soon, including photos of the move in and more details about what I've been up to since I arrived.

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