Monday, June 03, 2002

Interesting fact gleaned from an afternoon teaching Quickwire to summer interns: the word "Tyson" has appeared near the word "Ear" on national news wire services five times in the last two weeks. Expect this total to increase as the Bloody on the Muddy approaches. Meanwhile, Tyson attempted to show what a peachy-keen, touchy-feely sort of guy he really is by hugging the vice-chairman of a gay-rights organization who was protesting Tyson's alleged homophobia. Quoth Mr. Tyson in the Commercial Appeal:
"Listen. Listen. I'm not homophobic; I told them I'm not homophobic," said Tyson, who has used derogatory remarks in his everyday language. "So if I use a homophobic term . . . I'm not homophobic." And his thoughts on Saturday night's showdown at The Pyramid with Lennox Lewis? "I'm ready," Tyson said. "I'm going to kill him."
Ain't boxing just the greatest sport...

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