Sunday, June 15, 2003

Chasing Cats

This weekend was the kickoff of the Cat Fish Out of Water city art festival. To help increase awareness of the Cumberland River watershed, the Cumberland River Compact is coordinating the placement of 51 giant catfish throughtout the city.

After getting my oil changed today, I took a detour to Centennial Park. I walked around the American Artisan festival. Then I noticed my first Catfish:

Cat Fish Out of Water: Catsup
Catsup, by Trey Mitchell, sponsored by (of course) McDonalds

So then I hiked around the park a bit and found three more:

Cat Fish Out of Water: Spider Cat
Spider Cat, by Kern Studios/New Orleans, sponsored by Rock Harbor Marine

Cat Fish Out of Water: Classic Black Catfish
Classic Black Catfish, by Margaret Krakowiak, sponsored by Vanderbilt University

Cat Fish Out of Water: Speed Catilac
Speed Catilac, by Susan Rainey, sponsored by Andrews Cadillac. Above one of the exhaust pipes, it says "Body by Fisher!"

According to the map, it looks like there may be three others in the park that I missed.

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