Tuesday, June 24, 2003

In Passing, Nashville Style

Overheard on Saturday evening while I was frantically working on my computer science exam on the patio at Caffeine, the new coffee joint on Demonbreun:

Gal 1: We should come up with a picking your nose book for dummies.
Guy 1: Yeah, we could have one of those ads in the back of a magazine. You know, "send 2.95 plus postage and handling..."
Gal 2: We could come up with a new chapter every night we go out. You know, picking your nose when you're at the beach, picking your nose in the shower...
Guy1: Then we could have pictures!
Gal 1: The first rule has to be for real dummies -- don't use your tongue.
Then a bit later, from another guy, who evidently owns the place:
I've been trying to leave nashville since I got here.
How long you been here?
6 years.
I've only been trying to leave Nashville for five years, so I guess this guy's an old pro compared to me.

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