Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Kevin O'Hara wrote a great post on the East Nashville Listserv about a tap dancer loose on the streets:
There's been a rift in the space/time continuum in the vicinity of Douglas Avenue.

I glanced out my window last night reacting to a melodic cocktail of jazz, salsa and hip-hop. At first I thought I saw a mariachi on the horizon, clearly spirited away from Rosepepper on the lovely evening breeze. But after a quick rub of my lenses, my vision fixed on the heppest cat I've seen since Don Cornelius was still hosting Soul Train. This guy was decked out in a white, circular brimmed hat, wrapped with a red ribbon. He had on a red shirt with the kind of sheen one has on their face after a visit to Prince's. The shirt was offset by white pants that were so fresh and so clean.

Now if I were to stop here in my description of this cat, you'd be ready to move on to the next post to be further dismayed by news of the latest yard elf theft. But the next two items with which he was adorned confirmed that at least a small rift, if not a large whole, had torn in the fabric of space and time....


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