Wednesday, July 02, 2003


Mil Millington is sad that the recent supreme court ruling has apparently turned Texas into a ghost town:
Before I start, I feel I ought to mention how sad it is that the Texan readers are no longer with us. As you know, the notoriously irresponsible Supreme Court has seen fit to tear down the safety barrier protecting society and thus Texas is now like a ghost state. Machinery lies idle; offices are silent; the streets of Dallas shimmer motionless in the summer sun. No one goes to work nor chats with friends nor watches television nor even browses the Internet. Because, whooping atavistically that the police are now powerless to stop them, the entire population of Texas has, since last week, been ceaselessly engaged in endless consensual homosexual sex in private so as to bring about the extinction of the vital institution of marriage.

Oh, and let me make it clear that I'm not just some dull-witted, homophobic idiot here by saying, "it's the children I'm concerned about".

This case was an impressive example of the Supreme Court doing the right thing. But don't even get me started on this little declaration from one of our esteemed senators. The court ruled that the government should respect individual privacy and not regulate homosexual acts. Frist somehow believes that this is a horrible ruling because -- get this -- people should have a "zone of privacy [...] in their own home." So he wants the government to regulate what people can do in their bedrooms because he wants to preserve their privacy. Huh?

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