Saturday, April 15, 2006

Boston by bike

Last Friday I purchased a bike, my first since sometime in high school. Tuesday morning I ignored the homework I should have been tackling and instead took it for a spin. I started out heading toward "downtown," but soon reveresed course and headed out through Davis square and onto the Minuteman bike path toward Arlington. The weather was beautiful, and eventually I made my way to Spy Pond. I sat on a bench watching ripples course through the reflections of budding trees and a white church steeple. Two geese paddled placidly around the pond, keeping a wary eye on a woman who was swimming in their general direction. An extended family was gathered at the water's edge -- two young kids were busily occupied chucking handfulls of pebbles into the pond while their elders conversed in rapid-fire Korean. I soon had to turn around and head back for work. But the sunny morning at the pond set the tone for the rest of my day.

Today I got up a bit early and biked to my internship in Charlestown. I think this was a longer trip than the Tuesday ride, and also involved far more hills and intense traffic. I made it on time, and made it back without major injury. Go me!

For my last 9 months or so in Nashville I'd gotten in the habit of going to the gym 3-4 times per week. Since it was at work I could get in at any hour, so it wasn't a problem to stop in even if I was heading home at midnight. And it was working -- I've shed close to 100 pounds in the last year.

Now I'm relying on the gym at school, which keeps "normal" hours. I'm often in work, classes, or study groups until late evening, so it's sometimes hard to make it to the gym. I've probably been averaging once a week since I started going again a month or two ago.

The fact that I'm walking a lot more than I used to certainly helps. On most days I walk about 30-40 minutes as part of my daily commute. But I'm hoping the bike will give me another way to keep up the routine.

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