Friday, April 14, 2006

A few winter snapshots:

Hoisting furniture over up to my balcony on an unseasonably warm day, January 2006.

Another move in photo. Note that I'm now showing my Tennessee pride. I bought the sweatshirt in Nashville years ago, but never wore it there for fear of being mistaken for a Vols fan! Honestly, officer, I have no idea where that sign came from!

Making good use of gravity to get the moving blankets back to the truck.

That's just how important I am up here. I even have my own port-a-john!

Hiking on the freezing cold beach, March 2006.

Later in the hike we discovered the mansion of some filthy rich turn-of-the-century industrialist.

On the chairlift at Jay Peak, March 2006.

My friend Marty doing his level best to burn down his newly-remodeled kitchen, April, 2006.

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